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EHS Services, Inc. is a Maryland corporation. Our corporate office is located near Frederick, Maryland, which is approximately 50 miles north of Washington, D.C. We also have an office in Warrenton, Virginia, which is approximately 50 miles west of Washington, D.C.



EHS Services, Inc. is an environmental, healthworkplace safety, and quality and environmental management consulting firm. We specialize in solving the challenges confronting both private and public sector organizations. We offer straightforward, common sense, affordable services that help our clients comply with regulatory requirements, and maintain a safe and productive workplace.

We provide ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and ISO 17020 quality management and quality assurance services that help our clients improve the quality of the products and services that they offer, and obtain and retain business in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

We provide ISO 14000 environmental management services that help our clients minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by their activities.

We provide environmental, health, and workplace safety services that promote the health and well-being of our clients' staffs, reduce operating risks, and lower compliance costs.

We assist with single issues that require quick resolution or we can function as an organization's in-house environmental, health, safety, and quality management staff, thereby eliminating full-time overhead.

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Of course, you may also contact us by telephone, toll-free,
at 877-670-7841.
In Maryland - 301-865-6380
In Virginia - 540-349-3220
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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality Management Services for Business and Industry, and Federal, State, and
Local Government.

Corporate Goals

EHS Services, Inc. seeks to enter into collaborative relationships with our clients in which responsibility is shared and our expertise and talents in environmental, health, workplace safety, quality management, and environmental management are transferred to the staff of our client's organization.

Furthermore, we will:

Provide environmental management systems consistent with our client's vision for protecting the environment.

Develop health and workplace safety programs that respect the dignity and needs of our clients and their employees.

Develop quality management and quality assurance programs that promote efficiency, increase productivity, and contribute to our client's profitability.


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