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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality Management Services for Business and Industry, and Federal, State, and Local Government.


EHS Services, Inc. provides Environmental Health Services that are designed to answer a question, isolate or identify problems, or to assist in formulating a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business.

Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified indoor air quality as one of the top five risks to public health. Regardless of where you work or live, you may experience headaches, dry cough, dry or itchy skin, dizziness or nausea, lethargy or fatigue, or even illnesses or diseases that may be a result of the indoor environment. These symptoms, and more serious illnesses, may be caused by temperature or relative humidity imbalances, high levels of carbon dioxide, dust, bacteria, mold spores, or chemicals that are commonly found in building products and office furniture.

If you are going to undertake an indoor air quality assessment, you deserve to know the benefits. Consider the following:

bulleta reduction in symptoms experienced and illnesses contracted by persons working or living in the building
bulleta reduction in lost staff workdays due to indoor air-related illnesses or symptoms
bulletenhancement of staff morale, motivation, and productivity as a result of managementís commitment to maintain a healthy indoor environment

EHS personnel have the technical expertise and the specialized equipment to evaluate the most complex problems. Depending on the nature of the problem we will complete some or all of the following tasks when conducting indoor air quality investigations:

bulletTesting microbiological constituents
bulletTesting for chemical contaminants, including volatile organic compounds
bulletTesting for pesticides
bulletIndoor air quality profiles
bulletInterviews with building occupants
bulletHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning assessments
bulletElectromagnetic field surveys
bulletReporting and trend analysis
bulletIndoor Air Quality Management Plan

Visit our Publications Page for information about our book, "Indoor Air Quality: Issues, Actions, Solutions, and Management", and our Indoor Air Quality Training Program.

Mold Investigations and Remediation Assistance

EHS staff members have extensive experience assisting building owners and occupants with identifying mold and remediating mold contamination.  We provide independent investigation of the presence of mold and its potential health effects, as well as unbiased evaluations of the success of mold cleanup efforts.  We offer the following services:

bulletTesting for mold and bacteria
bulletMold contamination investigations
bulletDevelopment of mold remediation plans
bulletIndependent mold remediation management
bulletDevelopment of clearance criteria
bulletClearance testing

Water Quality

Federal, state, and local regulations regarding drinking water, surface and groundwater, stormwater, and wastewater discharges are complex with significant penalties for non-compliance. EHS Services, Inc. establishes and manages water quality programs that conform to the requirements of the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and state and regional water pollution control programs.

EHS provides a full-spectrum of water quality services to meet the environmental, health, and safety requirements of manufacturing and industrial facilities, developers and contractors, agricultural concerns, small communities, and private residences.

We offer:

bulletSampling and analysis of drinking water for chemicals and microbiological contaminants
bulletLong-term monitoring for residences and communities on privately-owned well water systems
bulletModeling of agricultural and storm water runoff
bulletStormwater and wastewater permitting
bulletField monitoring programs to determine the susceptibility of surface and ground waters to industrial and agricultural contamination
bulletWatershed and water quality management programs
bulletEvaluation of wastewater discharges for compliance with water pollution control programs
bulletSelection of appropriate and cost-effective pre-treatment strategies.

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Visit our Publications page to review our environmental health and safety information and training tools.

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