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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality Management Services for Business and Industry, and Federal, State, and Local Government.


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Workplace safety regulations require facility owners and managers to be proactive in their response to protecting individuals, as well as organizational interests.

Frequently we are asked, "What are the benefits?" Well, beyond simple compliance, we have found that the benefits of having a well-developed and managed worker health and safety program include:

bulletBetter relations between employees and management
bulletFewer lost workdays due to injury or illness
bulletIncreased employee productivity
bulletEnhancement of the company's public image

EHS Services, Inc. provides comprehensive occupational health and safety services to safeguard the health and safety of workers in all types of facilities. Click on one of the following for a description of our services:

Safety Training
Workplace Safety Assessments
Heat Stress Studies
Noise Monitoring
PPE Management
Exposure Monitoring
Programs, Plans, and Procedures

Safety Training -- EHS staff members have designed and conducted environmental, health, and safety courses for Fortune 500 companies and small town businesses. We provide comprehensive course material, and additional handouts, such as charts, signs, and labels. We give each attendee a certificate-of-completion and provide a copy of the certificate to the company for the employee's file. Training can be held at your facility or an offsite location.  We offer training in both English and Spanish.

Training need not be complex, time-consuming, or expensive. Beyond complying with EPA, OSHA, and other regulations, conducting routine employee training programs can pay-off handsomely.

Here's a list of some of the training programs that we offer:

bulletHazard Communication
bulletPersonal Protective Equipment
bulletBloodborne Pathogens
bulletChemical Hygiene
bulletBloodborne Pathogens
bulletForklift Training
bulletRespiratory Protection
bulletHearing Conservation
bulletPermit-Required Confined Space Entry
bulletBasic Regulatory Awareness
bulletEmergency Response Planning
bulletOffice Safety

Workplace Safety Assessments -- Workplace safety assessments encompass many different activities depending on the nature of the business. In general, we look at work area ingress and egress, electrical safety, fire safety, walking surfaces, stairways, and confined spaces. Special attention is given to workers with special needs.

Noise monitoring -- Exposure to excessive noise can lead to permanent hearing loss. We monitor noise levels, compare them to accepted standards, interview staff members, and offer recommendations, where needed, to reduce the intensity of the noise source or protect the workers exposed to the noise. We also develop and implement hearing conservation plans in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Exposure Monitoring -- If the work at your facility causes emissions of potentially hazardous chemicals to be released into the indoor air, then you may be required to conduct personal exposure monitoring. We sample for chemicals such as acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, styrene, and many more. We compare the results with applicable OSHA exposure limits and advise you of mitigation requirements, if necessary.

Heat Stress Studies -- Excessive heat may be inherent in the work performed in the facility, or an unavoidable consequence of outside conditions. We use sophisticated equipment to assess worker exposure to heat under a variety of work and weather conditions. We provide comprehensive reports with recommendations for reducing exposure and for minimizing the effects of exposure.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Management -- EHS can help you with the assessment of job functions that require personal protective equipment, the selection of the right equipment to fit the job, and we can help you develop and manage a program to ensure that the equipment is used and maintained properly. 

Programs, Plans, and Procedures -- Your requirements for the development and implementation of occupational health and safety programs, plans, and procedures depend on the work you do and the materials that you have in the workplace. Carefully developed plans, policies, and procedures minimize risks and potential liabilities, and vastly reduce the threat of regulatory sanctions.

Federal, state, and local environmental, health, and workplace safety regulations place considerable requirements on facility managers for the development of plans and procedures to safeguard the environment and worker health and safety. EHS Services, Inc. offers assistance can help you with all of these requirements. Here are a few examples:

bulletHazard Communication Plans
bulletChemical Hygiene Programs
bulletBloodborne Pathogen (Exposure Control) Plans
bulletEmergency Action and Response Plans
bulletRespiratory Protection Plans
bulletLockout/Tagout Procedures
bulletConfined Space Entry Procedures
bulletAccident Reporting
bulletCompressed Gas Programs
bulletHearing Conservation Plans
bulletFall Protection Programs
bulletPersonal Protective Equipment Procedures
bulletHeavy Equipment Safety Programs
bulletJob Hazard Analysis Procedures

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