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EHS Services, Inc. offers a full suite of ISO 17025 accreditation services for large and small laboratories.ISO 17025 provides guidance to owners and operators of laboratories on both quality management in a laboratory environment and technical requirements for the proper operation of a testing laboratory. ISO 17025 is the successor to ISO Guide 25, which it replaced in 1999.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that ISO 9001 assures validity of specific test results at a level equivalent to ISO 17025 accreditation .  However, the purposes of the two standards are very different, and certification against them provides different forms of assurance in the quality of the delivered product or service to the customer. In other words, laboratories that attain ISO 9001 recognition, only, may not meet the needs of the end user of the lab's test results since the standard does not provide any assessment of the technical competence of personnel engaged in what is a very technical activity. ISO 9001 also does not address the specific requirement of particular products or measurements.

Visit our Bookstore for information about our presentation on ISO 17025 accreditation.The laboratory quality management professionals at EHS Services, Inc. have considerable experience helping our clients to design and implement ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation programs. In addition to planning, development, and implementation, we help our clients cooperatively work with ISO 17025 accreditation organizations such as the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and National Quality Assurance.

EHS offers comprehensive services that will help you achieve your ISO 17025 quality goals. We can:

bulletConduct an initial gap analysis
bulletHelp you establish policies and objectives
bulletIdentify documentation requirements
bulletMake assignments and prepare schedules
bulletPrepare documentation
bulletCoordinate document preparation, reviews, approvals, and production
bulletPrepare the following key documents:
bulletQuality Policy
bulletQuality Manual
bulletAdministrative Procedures
bulletMaster List of Documents
bulletManage implementation schedules, training, follow-up actions
bulletHelp you select a Registrar that has experience in your industry
bulletPrepare status reports and monitor progress
bulletConduct training (current courses include the following)
bullet"ISO 17025 Overview Training"
bullet"ISO 17025 for the Small Laboratory"
bullet"Developing Your Laboratory Quality System Documentation"
bullet"Internal Auditing in the Small Laboratory"
bullet"Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty"
bulletConduct internal audits
bulletRequest registration
bulletConduct vendor and supplier audits
bulletConduct customer satisfaction surveys
bulletDevelop quality system intranets to help you manage your documents

ISO 17025 Accreditation Toolkit

Simply the easiest and quickest way to get up-to-speed on ISO 9001 and jump start your way to registration. Read more about it on our ISO 17025 Toolkit page.

For additional information:

Click Contact Us to send us your comments or to request information about our ISO 17025 services and capabilities, or our ISO 17025 Toolkit.  Of course, you may also contact us by telephone, toll-free, at 877-670-7841.

Click Contact Us to send us your comments or to request information about our ISO 17025 services and capabilities.  Of course, you may also contact us by telephone, toll-free,
at 877-670-7841.

In Maryland - 301-865-6380
In Virginia - 540-349-3220

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Visit our ISO 17025 Toolkit page to learn more about the tools we offer to begin your development of an ISO 17025 quality management system.

Visit our Publications page for more ISO 17025 development tools, including our ISO 17025 Overview Presentation.  It's an excellent primer for laboratory managers who need more information before beginning the development of an ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation program.

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